Vinyl Gloves

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Quality Standard:

-Meet or exceed ASTM D5250 (USA) and EN455 (EU) standards.

-Produced according to GMP and ISO9001:2008 standard.


Shield your hands from damage with disposable vinyl gloves

When it’s time to restock your medical inventories, you need only premium-quality products. In this case, Smart Gloves Company Limited is well worth giving a try. Here we bring in powdered and powder-free vinyl medical gloves that are strong yet pliable. They are highly resilient, offering you the most comfortable fit you’ve ever experienced. These features make them much-in-demand among medical practitioners and those involved in food handling, to name a few.

Even if you are engaged in hygiene services, you can stay calm as your brand-new pair of vinyl gloves won’t be affected by fats, alcohol, and acids. Your hands will be under durable protection, no matter what. PVC by itself has a looser fit than that of latex, which makes it a healthier option if you are prone to some allergic reactions or other skin conditions.

We know how hard it can be to have a rubber material on your skin for a while. Rest assured that your hands won’t feel numb even after the hours-long use of our top-grade gloves owing to their genuine softness. Plus, you don’t have to pour your money down the drain to purchase a new set of those if you have worked with water or oils. Our products are designed to keep fluids outside!

Vinyl exam gloves: Uses, sizes, and resistance capabilities

Being exposed to bodily fluids may pose a severe challenge for a healthcare specialist. Besides, one should never neglect protecting his or her wrists while carrying out wound treatment procedures, like cleansing a cut, applying a bandage, etc. Doing all that without a solid covering skyrockets the risk of infection, which is something you want to avoid. So, why not put your fears aside by checking out our vinyl gloves for sale?

The most sensitive part of your hands will be coated with the tear-resistant material. As we do our best to meet your protection needs, our products are made with beaded cuffs for improved performance.

When was the last time you examined your first aid kit? Well, if you do that every now and then, buy vinyl gloves from us to keep your hands dry in case of minor medical incidents. Make sure your kit also contains such essentials as adhesive tapes, gauze, and anaplerotic ointment. 

No matter whether your size is XS or XL, you will find your perfect pair of gloves in the twinkling of an eye on our website. What’s more, our vinyl solutions are ambidextrous and available in blue or come with no shade for more conservative users.

The safety of your hands is beyond money

Don’t fret about where to buy vinyl gloves ever again. Smart Gloves Company Limited has everything it takes to meet your medical and at-home needs. We don’t cut corners in manufacturing and make our products the most affordable on the market.

Go for our cheap vinyl gloves and toss away a pair of those shabby ones. You won’t have to wear them any longer!

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